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Month: August 2017

damn millennials

damn millennials they’re so lazy and expect everything to be handed to them they expect promotions and we worked harder back in my day these damn millennials don’t know how to get themselves away from the office they have their work emails sent to their phones and they don’t know how to leave their work at work they should be spending more time with their families i can’t believe these damn millennials are having kids when they can’t afford them they need to be saving up and having more money in the bank before they decide to start a family they shouldn’t be going into debt to have kids they need to have a nest egg build up because now i’m having to pay for their kids with my tax dollars and i can’t believe these damn millennials aren’t having kids and are choosing to remain childless that’s so selfish of them they will never understand what love is really like until they have a family but those damn millennials don’t want to spend money on kids want to spend money on themselves and they would have so much more money if they would quit dining out and getting their lattes they are spending too much money on restaurants and that is why they will never get ahead and those damn millennials aren’t eating at restaurants enough and now Applebee’s is closing and that’s upsetting and Applebee’s was even offering good deals for college students and those damn millentials shouldn’t be spending so much money on school they need to be going to more affordable schools now they want their student loans paid for and I’m not happy with my tax dollars going to damn millennials just because they don’t know how to save money I worked hard for that money and they don’t deserve a handout and those damn millennials should quit asking for handouts they need to get better jobs not just jobs that make them feel good they need to be earning more money and how dare those damn millennials think they deserve a raise at their jobs they need to learn how to pay their dues just like I did and now I’m having to pay taxes to support them because they just vote for handouts those damn millennials only vote for people who promise to give them things and that’s all they know about and they want socialism and that’s not fair to people like me so they need to stop voting for handouts and we would have better people in office if those damn millennials would just get out and vote they are so lazy and they can’t expect things to get better in this country if they don’t go out and vote instead they’re just wasting their time complaining online about politics and not doing anything and complaining online isn’t going to solve anything  and those damn millennials need to stop marching and protesting and go get a job

Frugal Habits that were a Big Fat Waste of my Time

There is zero point in spending time to earn and save money if you don’t get a good return on your time invested. When I first got serious about being frugal, I scoured the internet to see what worked for other people. Some of those methods were valuable. Others, listed below, were a big fat waste of my time.

Survey Sites – I guess that the internet is chock full o’ 30-something white women wanting to earn a few pennies completing surveys, because about 90% of my time spent on survey sites is getting halfway through a survey only to find out that the survey has already been filled for my demographic. Then, once I finally get to complete a survey, my reward is the equivalent to $1.30 for 27 minutes worth of work. And then I can’t even cash that out until I earn $10 from surveys, but I can never earn that much because I’m kicked out of 90% of surveys. I’m making less than minimum wage when I could be spending that time stuffing my hand in between couch cushions. It would take less time and I’d make more money.


Couponing – I am a big fan of buying generic anything except for when it comes to toilet paper and paper towels, but HEY, I thought one Sunday morning, HOW FUN WOULD IT BE TO COUPON TODAY! So I get my Sunday paper, pull out all the coupon inserts, and clip away.  That took me a good hour or so. Then I try to compare prices online to see where I can get the best deals with my coupons and that takes another good hour or so. I went shopping, and I wound up spending $38 on $58 worth of goods, which is nice, but I think I would have spent the same amount of money just going generic instead of spending all that time clip clip clipping.


Making my own cleaning supplies – Y’all, pinterest is chock full o’ recipes for making your own laundry soap, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, what have you.  And everyone will tell you OH I SAVED SO MUCH MONEY! AND THESE RECIPES ARE SO GOOD FOR YOU! But when I saw that one of these “cheap,” easy recipes for laundry soap involved buying stuff on Amazon and grating a bar of soap into a big bucket, I decided to go with the 22 pound bag of Foca laundry soap from Sam’s instead and assume that having a cleaning product that wasn’t “pure” wouldn’t make me grow an extra arm.


Shopping at multiple stores for the best deals – I could drive myself crazy doing comparison shopping for the best price, but with the time involved driving across town or scouring another website just to save a few cents, have I really made the best use of my time? My rule of thumb is that I will price compare and go shopping at two different stores (usually they wind up being Walmart and Dollar Tree), but then I have to stop. Anything beyond that and I’m just wasting time that I could be spending enjoying life.

I’m sure a lot of these things work for many people, or else they wouldn’t be raving about it online, but time is valuable, y’all. Better to snuggle with your dog for an hour than spend that hour saving 50 cents.



Common Thoughts of a Person with Anxiety

But we’ll put these thoughts on pretty backgrounds because even when everything sucks, it’s still nice to look at pretty things.

Whether you are feeling some of these things, none of these things, or all of these things, know that you are loved and supported, even if you don’t realize it.

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