I absolutely love essential oils. I’ve loved them for years, and I loved Young Living’s essential oils when I was introduced to them. I still have plenty of YL products around the house. I learned some cool things from YL workshops put on by distributors, and I made some great friends being a part of the YL community.

None of that is worth the issues I have with the company now. I am officially breaking up from Young Living.

Here’s why:

1. Anti-vaxxing – The anti-vaccine portion of the Young Living company is horrifying. One of the people touted as a reliable medical source within the company (a chiropractor) says that vaccination should be a parental choice. One of the projects supported by the YL foundations is a school that they tout as entirely vaccine free. Members’ blogs and facebook groups are filled with moms who say they aren’t vaccinating their children and are using oils instead. This is an incredibly dangerous point of view to be supporting, and YL promotes it.
2. Price tack-ons – Every time I was taxed on an item I purchased, there were two different taxes added on, and the taxing wound up being way more than 10%. I was told that the taxing was based on the “retail” price and not the “wholesale” price I was purchasing at, but the math still didn’t work out by my calculations. Shipping was also outrageous. The flat rate was $5.99 *even if I was buying a single oil*, and then I had to pay a shipping tax on top of the $5.99
3. Non-availability of oil testing results – So let me say that I don’t think YL is under any ethical obligation to post lab results showing that their oils are pure, but it’s something that I now prefer. There are a few essential oil companies online that have independent labs test the purity/quality of their oils, and they post their results online. I like that level of transparency.
4. MLM horrors – I know of too many people who have damaged their finances and their relationships getting sucked in to multi-level marketing schemes. At first, I was okay with being part of an MLM as long as I personally was being smart with my money, but I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to be part of an organization where you have to spend $100 in product each month for the potential to make money back.┬áThere are tons of resources online that you can read to see people talk about how MLM damaged them, and I encourage you to dive in.

If I’ve bought Young Living oils from you – if YL is something that fits your budget and that you love, then I’m happy for you, and I truly want it to work for you. If you’ve ever bought Young Living from me – I am making it up to you in the coming weeks, and I’ve removed all YL promotion from my blog.

Also, a final note: I’ve seen plenty of cease and desist letters from YL’s team of lawyers written to bloggers. If you’re on the YL legal team, I am here to tell you that I am under no legal obligation to cease and desist anything, and a Rule 11 motion is in your future if you press the issue.