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I am a yoga teacher, I am a lawyer, and I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in 2013. Every day brings new adventures and challenges for me. Some days, the challenge is something awesome, like climbing a rock wall or learning a new yoga pose. Some days, the challenge is getting out of bed. I want to share my stories of anxiety and of other things I do and love. I don’t have it all figured out, but maybe we can figure it out together.

So what’s the story behind the name cupcakesarenice? I started using twitter in law school, and I used my full name to tweet. I decided that when I went out into the “real” world (whatever that means), I should probably care about my privacy a little bit more. I was studying for finals when I decided to change my twitter handle, and I was also eating a LOT of cupcakes as I studied. I decided that cupcakesarenice would be an appropriate name. Looking back, those sugary treats were a way for me to deal with stress, and this blog is about how I deal with anxiety.

I’m married and I have two dogs. My husband and my dogs are two of the best medicines for anxiety I have.

I’m on insta at cupcakesarenice (pretty pics) and cupcakeswithanxiety (life pics).



  1. Hi, I am another professional who has GAD like you, and I also have had periodic episodes from chronic depression or PTSD. I found your blog through following the Royals on Twitter. I have a public-oriented job and I am still trying to figure out how to appropriately refer to my mental health needs, which so many folks seem to misunderstand whether or not I am giving “TMI.” I sincerely appreciate bloggers who are giving their messages to the world. Thank you for helping and bravely doing your part to show the way. You are helping get the word out: Yes, there are many people who deal with mental health issues. Statistically, someone you know has a clinical-level mental health issue. We are the coworkers and friends and parents and family members who are depended on to have good health and be productive. We need more quality accessible, affordable and covered treatment plans, more providers (across the gamut from Psychiatrist MDs to PMHNPs to licensed therapists), support groups, classes and networks, and overall tools that are backed by insurers and the entire health care system. It needs to be easier for us to use the system. We want more physiological and neurological research on the common disorders, and work towards better determinations of whether the growing pharmacology industry is on the right track to truly treating people (or just cashing in on a growth market). And maybe, just maybe: might we believe that people with mental health issues could do better to care for ourselves, and take responsibility for our diagnoses, if we also can live in a society that gains recognition, education and better understanding of how commonplace our nation’s “environment” has made anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, ADD/ADHD, etc.?? So that society may start discussions about how to improve this environment, and move away from silence, secrecy or stigma? Yeah!! Thank You for my dose of inspiration today. Dan in Portland, OR (my grandma retired in NW Ark and I love it there, great place)

  2. Hey! I love your list of things to do when you don’t want to leave the house! Unlike most list blogs, it actually has some unique and clever ideas with details… I’ll be sharing this one. Just wanted to take the time to say hi and let you know we’re reading! –

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