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My yoga playlist – Bringing up memories

Music is powerful. There are certain songs I associate with certain eras of my life, and I have strong memories associated with those eras. I wanted to bring up certain memories and feelings in this short yoga playlist. I don’t know why I felt the need to bring up those memories and feelings. Maybe I need to let go of my attachment of those times? Maybe I need to connect with those times? I’m not sure. I’ll work it out on the mat.

This playlist is only 26 minutes, but if I’m doing a morning practice at home, that’s as long as I’ll be practicing before I’m snuggling the pups and eating breakfast.

My yoga playlist – Getting out of my brain, feeling less tangled

So for my other playlists, I wanted to invoke certain emotions. I wanted to do the opposite here. I’d had a week of being inside my brain, being overwhelmed with conflicting emotions, and feeling tangled but disconnected. I didn’t want to be in a state of avoidance when it came to these emotions and thoughts, but I wanted to just be able to sit, meditate, and not feel so tangled. I plugged in these binaural beats for the chakras and just relaxed on the couch with my dogs. That was my yoga.

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